„They are highly detailed and feature lighting and opening parts.
The best you can get in the miniature market.”

~Paris Renfroe – PRD Miniatures

Dorota Mateusiak

I am Lady Fanaberia and this is my Miniature World. I live in Poland and „Fanaberia” in Polish means ‚a caprice’, so it’s a sudden and usually silly wish to have or do something.

I love to make kitchen appliances, accessories and decorations. I’m making fridges, stoves, dish washers, microwaves, small appliances like stand mixers or blenders, metal rods with S-hooks and hanging shelves and many, many other…

Actually I’m an engineer. I graduated Cracow University of Technology in 2009 and obtained a masters in Civil Engineering. I have been working for few years as bridge engineer but some day I discovered miniatures  and then I decided to connect all handicraft techniques known to me, but also the engineering precision and my architectural sense. In 2012 I started a blog:  minifanaberia.blogspot.com 

In 2015 I started my own business and I started to sell my handmade items.

Now making miniatures is the meaning of my life  I’m so happy that I can meet other miniaturists, take part in international miniature shows and visit new places 


8535 W. Higgins Road
Chicago, IL  60631



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